Why Dogs Eat Poop

Dog Eating PoopEvery dog owner has most likely wondered, at one time, why dogs eat poop. It is revolting, unappealing and in general unhealthy for many reasons. But be reassured if your dog eats poop he is certainly not the only one. In reality, it is quite an ordinary behaviour among dogs which can become really stressful for dog owners.

Why Dogs Eat Poop?

There are many reasons why dogs eat poop. The easiest justification is that they are hungry or they are trying to make their space clean. If your dog doesn’t get enough food or lives in a dirty place, he will try to solve these problems and as a result he might eat his excrement.

Dog eating poop can also be the result of health issues. Parasites and worms can deprive dogs from getting their essential nutrients or the dry food they get daily is not providing them enough nourishing ingredients.

Other reasons why dogs eat poop are due to their worried mental disposition or because they are trying to imitate you picking up their poop or other dogs eating poop.

You must understand that regardless of the reasons why dogs eat poop the solution to correct this behaviour is rather easy.

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How to Adjust the Behaviour

The first step you should take if you have a dog with poop eating habits is to verify that he has no health issues, especially if the dog never had this habit before and just started lately. Dogs showing regular habits of poop eating might be infected by parasites of worms or might not be fed correctly. Your veterinarian will have to establish the causes and treat them right away.

If your dog comes out healthy and has no other problems leading to this behaviour but keeps on eating poop, then it is essential that you deal with any other problem causing it.

Keeping your yard clean and without poop is a good start. Pickup the poop every day from your yard, inspect the areas around your home for poop left by your dog. It is of no big importance why dogs eat poop; if it is not a health issue then it is a behaviour problem and can be corrected by eliminating the cause of this problem.

Adjusting the Behaviour

As an alternative, you might want to use other approaches to make your dog stop eating poop. It might look odd, but cayenne pepper and bitter apple are of a worse taste than poop. Also, feeding your dog with pumpkin pulp every day will make the poop much less attractive to him. Spray him with water or reprimand him with a severe “No!” every time he is about to eat poop might also be a solution.

Removing the origin of the problem still remains the ultimate solution against your dog eating poop but if you regularly leave your dog off the leash at dog parks, then a more advanced approach will have to be taken. The key is consistency and to observe your dog cautiously and please avoid leaving him lick your face.