Stop Barking Dogs

stop barking dogsIf you think it is time to stop barking dogs, you will probably know that the solutions for this problem are limited. Besides barking is natural to dogs and even after a few thousand years of breeding and improvement, dogs still need to express their feelings and desires. To be true, just one breed does not bark at all, it is the Basenji.

Prior to stop barking dogs, It is essential for you to understand why they are barking and what categories of barking is possible to control.

The Causes of Dog Barking

There are numerous reasons why dogs bark. When they’re angry, they bark. When they’re excited, they bark. They can even bark if scared. Below is a list of when dog barking can be expected to stop:

Greeting Barking

Frustration Barking

Attention Seeking Barking

Territorial Barking

Compulsive Barking

Alarm Barking

Injury or Illness Related Barking

Now you can understand why barking is who your dog is. Of course it is not possible to entirely stop barking dogs. There will be times when they will have an urge to express themselves despite of your efforts to restrain their behaviours.

How to Stop Barking Dogs

If your dog does not accept to stop barking, you should initially establish if this behaviour is justified because nine times out of ten it is unwarranted and can be restrained. Every time you think barking should be and can be under control, ask yourself the following questions:

What is the dog barking at?

When is the dog barking?

Does the dog have a specific trigger?

If your dog’s barking is caused by his need to protect his territory or because something alarmed him, just yelling at your dog is not an option. In reality reinforcing negatively territorial barking could engender biting or other forms of aggression. Your dog cannot realize what you are telling him but he stops barking and the territorial problems are still present.

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You should rather create a condition where your dog will not feel that impulse to defend his territory. To achieve this, controlling your household is your first priority. Show your dog that you are the alpha leader responsible for the protection of that space. As a second step, try to limit the vision your dog has of the invading territorial threats by pulling your blinds on the mailman arrival or by installing an opaque fence that will not allow him to see what is going on on the other side of his yard and by ensuring that your dog does not have any open way to the windows.

Stop Barking Dogs with Anxiety

If your dog’s barking is related to anxiety then it is possibly an indication of a bigger issue. Your dog wants to contact you and he will bark endlessly until your return. Most of the cases are because your dog has been rewarded in the past for this behaviour. When you come back home he is excited and you give him right away your attention. Instead of rewarding him in this occasion, you should pay no attention to your dog for at least 10 to 15 minutes in order to prevent him for connecting your return with receiving attention.

The last point to stop barking dogs is teaching your dog to speak and to be silent. You will have to create a command that will give you the control of this behaviour and your dog will limit the unnecessary barking. The advantage is that your dog will still bark at an intruder or anything you decide is worth barking at to alert you.

Your dog’s barking does not have to become the annoyance of your neighbourhood. If you restrain it at an early stage, you will not have to worry about complaints of your neighbours every single day when you come back home.