Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience TrainingDog obedience training is for many dog owners the first important step they will follow for new puppies. It is a training where the dog is suppose to learn how to behave in a specific situation he will eventually face. Everyone might not afford dog obedience training or wish to handle it by their owns, so you will find here a point-by-point summary of what are the benefits of such training and you can decide if your dog can gain something from it.

Dog Obedience Training – The Benefits

To begin with, obedience training will rapidly teach the dog how to react to precise and well expressed commands, which means that you will have to learn how to give those orders. There are many people who usually overlook their part of the deal when it comes to dog ownership. They cannot understand that the burden is on them and not the dog. If you consider dog training like a two way street, then you will have far more better results. Some examples will help you understand this concept.

Leadership – Dog obedience training will teach you to affirm your domination over dogs in order to show them who is always in control and to make them understand that they have to listen to you. When those behaviours are repeated at home then it will become much easier for the dog to follow your lead. Being an alpha leader is the foundation of all effective dog training.

Basic Commands – The basic commands in dog obedience training are sit, stay, heel, speak and quiet. These fundamentals will help your dog to be more responsive when he needs to be. All five commands represent the base of all you will have to teach your dog.

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No Barking and Biting – Two of the most common and most difficult problems a dog can present are barking and biting. In order for your dog to correct these specifics behaviours different stages of dog obedience training will be necessary. Actions should be taken at a young age on biting for example.

Walking – Are you sick of your dog pulling you down when walking? A good dog training session will teach you how to control your dog’s moves, to prevent him to run around and to make him sit and heel when other dogs walk by for example.

Dog obedience training is essential in many ways as it represents the basis for all behaviour problems that might come up at home. If you have a dog under one year old or who has a behaviour issue, you might have to consider a training class to help you start.

Carrying it Forward at Home

Keep in mind that dog obedience training represents only the beginning. You will have to carry over, at home, the basic knowledge you have received in the class where your dog have learned a few tricks otherwise you will certainly lose again any control on your dog. Consistence is a major issue and you should make sure your dog understands at all times that you are in control and also your family should carry on with all what your dog have learned during training.

Never forget that your dog will do only what you have taught him to do and don’t forget to be consistent, reassured and capable to maintain the commands you give your dog. The moment you are vague or forget to reassure your orders, your dog will relapse to the initial behaviour you worked so hard to correct.