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If you are desperately in need of some dog training tips, you must first know where to start. You need to understand what your dog can learn from you in a training session and then you have to learn how to pass this training information to your dog. It is very common to think that dogs are much smarter than they usually are. In fact, what does a dog do? He just reacts to you. Every dog wants to be a member of the pack and be recognized, however he is still an animal with animal instincts.

Consequently, if you want to correct any bad behaviour, the best approach is not to reprimand or shout at your dog but instead you need to concentrate on changing how your dog is communicating those instincts.

Core Dog Training Tips

To apply the best dog training techniques there are some basic points that every dog owner should take into consideration. Keeping the following in mind can make dog training much easier.

Crate Training – Crate training gives your dog the opportunity to have its own home. A crate cannot, by any means, be used as a punishment and you should spend some time with your dog at home to get used to it. Most dog trainers will tell you that a crate can correct many bad dog behaviours like barking problems, house breaking or separation anxiety issues.

Leash Training – If your dog is giving you problems when on a leash, the first thing you should do is making your dog reach a calm and controlled state. Being in such a state, your dog will be able to respond to your instructions and not becoming too agitated about the walk. Most of the dogs developing leash issues are those who usually are allowed to run around outside and pull. If your dog pulls on the leash, simply make him sit and wait until you start walking again. For your dog it will mean that pulling on the leash is associated with the stop of the walk.

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The Alpha Position – One of the most crucial tips in dog training is related to the place you are holding in the house. Contrary at what most people think, dog training does not put a load on your dog, he just does not know what you want and in general, he does not comprehend what you are telling him. The burden is on you to make your dog understand that you are the pack leader and in control of the situation. When you reach this level, then your dog can finally relax, execute your commands because he will not worry anymore about who will protect him.

Obedience Training – One of the best dog training advices you can receive are from obedience classes where new dog owners are taught to maintain their alpha leader position in their house, to show control over their new puppies and to give very specific and strong commands. Obedience class can be a good addition to your home training if you have a new puppy or your older dog is giving you trouble.

The Importance of Consistency

There is one common point that all the best dog training tips will tell you, it is the necessity for consistency. Dogs may seem smart in many ways but most of what they learn from you is just a response to a recurring and consistent environment. If for example you make your dog sit only before going for a walk then he might get confused and excited and at the end he will stop following your orders. For a rule to bet set correctly, you need to be consistent with it and make sure everybody in your household does the same.

Most of the time the best dog training available can become a more difficult job for you than for your dog but at the end it is certainly well worth it.